Susan Baker Psy.D.
Girona, Costa Brava - Catalonia

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (USA).

Over 25 years experience in family, couples and individual therapy.

Treatment tailored for each client to help resolve problems as quickly as possible.

Treatment approach

My practice is based in a branch of psychology called Systems Theory. This approach looks not just at individuals with isolated problems but at how symptoms are initiated and maintained within a series of interactions with other people.
After hearing what clients want to change in their life, I help them look at how the problem is expressed in day to day life – family, work, social life – to see what needs to change.
I also trained in Eriksonian Hypnotherapy which is based on the idea that the insight needed to solve a problem exists in the person’s unconscious, their store of information about their life. Symptoms are often habits developed in the past which now interfere with the person being able to function as they would like. I try to help people trust in their own intuition and capacity to change habits and show them ways to tap into this resource.
If there are traumas in the past, I help people look at what happened in a way that gives them a sense of protection and distance so that the feelings from the past will not be so intrusive in their current life.
In the case of couples or family problems, I work with people to see the web of interactions in which each person’s habits affect the other person and to help them change so that everyone will feel more comfortable.
Having moved to a new country myself, I know the particular stresses and challenges of learning new languages and fitting into a new cultural context. I work in English, Catalan and Castellano.

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